Friday, August 28, 2009

Pak court sets nuclear proliferator free

Another reason why Pakistan as a country is a joke. A court ruled A.Q.Khan known nuclear proliferator free to go where he wants.
In an interim ruling on a petition from A.Q. Khan, the Lahore High Court ruled on Friday that no restrictions should be placed on the movement of the top scientist who was freed from a five-year house arrest earlier this year.

Of course it does not hurt that a neighboring country north of India was responsible for giving A.Q.K. the condensed guides on how to build nukes. Wonder what the Indian foreign ministry has to say about this?

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I, Me, Myself ! said...

I am not able to find the link, but I read in yesterday's paper... apparently A.Q.Khan threatened to reveal "sensitive secrets" if the government didn't treat him well. LOL..

So till sometime back, he secretly revealed secrets, and now he will do it publicly! Way to go, Mr. Khan!