Sunday, August 30, 2009

The complex realities in Saudi Arabia through Chindu's myopic eyes.

Many of your might have heard of Goebbels who was Hitler's minister for propaganda. His ability to manipulate facts and the invention of the Big Lie technique of propaganda made the Nazis spread all sorts of nonsense to cover up their acts before and during World War II. Reading an editorial about how a terror attack in Saudi is about to transform that nation into the lynchpin against terror reminds me of the propaganda machine.
Despite the failure of the assassination attempt, the masterminds must now be hoping to derail Prince Muhammad’s rather successful counter-terrorism campaign, which has combined proactive use of selective force with a policy that encourages militants to surrender. Saudi Arabia would do well to continue this policy because, despite Al Qaeda’s palpable activism, the militant outfit has suffered hefty blows.

This is akin to saying the country which responsible directly or indirectly in the funding, planning and operation of most terror cells will be affected by a failed attempt on a minister. Chindu's hyperbole goes from bad to worse when it spins its anti-US shtick.
In a globalised world, the negative images of America’s war on terror, increasingly symbolised by the horrors of Guantanamo Bay, the Predator drone strikes that indiscriminately target innocents along the Afghan-Pakistan border, and the gross injustice meted out to Palestinians, continue to draw Muslim youth from countries in the region towards Al Qaeda.

What it needs to realize is the fact that Islamic youth are not mislead by these activities, but rather by the zealots and principles within the religion of Islam. Blaming external factors for the corruption of the youth of a religion is turning a blind eye to the ground realities.


I, Me, Myself ! said...

In today's paper, the readers editor, while talking about need for cover more topics in the letters to the editor column, writes, "The solution perhaps lies in a balanced approach to the problem from both sides — editors and readers. "

I don't understand how the reader is expected to follow a balanced approach. Does it imply that we should not be writing to the newspaper on whatever topic we feel like writing? S.V.Venugopalan nicely summarised the present state of affairs.

"Leader page articles, editorials, cartoons and news items on a variety of issues in the intervening period simply pass by without the readers’ reflections on them being carried by the paper."

Even Prasad Singamsetty made an excellent point. “Are letters on Shah Rukh Khan more important than the one on the illegal hoarding of nation’s wealth elsewhere by unscrupulous elements?”

- Sudhir

B Shantanu said...

You guys are doing a great job but the more I read about this stuff, the more depressed I get

Aryan Culler said...

Every fundamentalist's notions and violence are magnified by facts twisted to their own convenience. Your hypocrisy comes to the fore when reactionary Islamist violence is not justified but, unsurprisingly, there is no mention of the equally reactionary, violent riots by Hindu fundamentalists. All religions are inherently useless when they start justifying violence.

Dirt Digger said...

In the magical kingdom of Chindu, the Readers editor is a joker in front of LiC who is a unforgiving despot.
The sane sayings of RE will be sent to the dredges without any analysis or introspection.

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for your comments, but could you be more specific on what you are upset about?

Dirt Digger said...

Aryan culler,
Your selective ignorance about world affairs and illogical statements are hilarious. Let us look at the violence caused by a couple of billion Muslims in every country where they are a majority or a significant minority and compare it to your fundamentalist Hindu brethren's actions.
the numbers and scale speak for themselves. if you cannot understand that, I feel sorry for your ignorance.

Kaushik said...

Not sure if you saw this. If something like this can happen in relatively tolerant Malaysia, nothing to say abt Saudi.