Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Multinational enterprise of Mother Teresa

Navin Chawla has been on the dynasty's pay rolls for a long time. In a long and distinguished career, he played a crucial role for the Congress during the Emergency (making him unfit for holding any public office) and also during the Elections 2009 (blocking any investigation into EVM scam). One of the activities in Navin Chawla's job description is to perpetuate the myth of Mother Teresa and hence this yearly article in chindu.
The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : The mystery of Mother Teresa
With 4,000 nuns, she created a multinational enterprise of service that encompassed 123 countries by the time she died in 1997.
Although inadvertently, Navin Chawla rightly calls it the multinational enterprise. It served the Vatican and not the poor.
The ghoul of Calcutta : Melbourne Indymedia
Having been in Mother Teresa's order for ten years, she (Susan Shields) states that large transactions of cash occurred; most were deposited in the Vatican Bank.

Chatterjee contends that families of the residents of its homes were not allowed to visit their loved ones and that, among India's charitable organizations, Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity is the only one which refuses to release a public financial account.

Why the secrecy? Dr. Chatterjee has given an open challenge for anyone to produce the yearly financial statements of Missionaries of Charity which is submitted to the GoI and is technically available to the public. Anyone willing to try?


Aryan Culler said...

That every person is ridden with faults is even shown by chindi non-existent Gods. In the end what logically matters is the weight of the good work done versus the harm. It appears that your weights are permanently tampered with and universally impairing your ability to distinguish anything. Perhaps thou would try a hand at a leper colony for a year ???

Dirt Digger said...

Aryan Culler,
"In the end what logically matters is the weight of the good work done versus the harm. "
Perhaps if you would care to read the article the writer says that the harm done is far more than the good.