Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why is a convicted killer given a furlough?

I'm not privy to the details of the case judgment, but from the outside it looks like a bad decision by the Indian penal system. The killer of Gulshan Kumar the T-series moghul was arrested and convicted. Some prison warden decided that killer Mr.Abdul Rauf Merchant, with ties to the Dawood Ibrahim group, should be given a furlough. Guess what happened next? The criminal decided to skip town to the friendly confines of Bangladesh. One more question, why didn't they execute Abdul in the first place?
As per Wikipedia,
A furlough (pronounced /ˈfɝːloʊ/; from Dutch: "verlof") is a temporary leave of absence from employment, duty in the armed services, or from a prison term. It may be voluntary or involuntary.

From Chindu,
Abdul Rauf Merchant, who was convicted of killing audio king Gulshan Kumar in 1997, was arrested in Bangladesh nearly a week after he escaped from a Mumbai jail following his release on furlough, officials said here on Thursday. Acting on an intelligence tip-off, a joint team of police and detectives arrested Merchant, who had been a sharpshooter of the Dawood Ibrahim gang, in a raid at Brahmanbaria on Wednesday.

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