Saturday, May 09, 2009

Shattered dreams under UPA

the economist prime minister has shattered the indian dream. the economic performance of the upa has been so pathetic that the editors sucking onto the mammaries of the state are afraid to do a fair appraisal. hence the stoic silence on the issue. on foreign policy, these eminent editors have always been anti-national.

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From: Girish

NEW DELHI: A "substantial" change in the US policy toward India was visible under the Obama Administration which appears to have put China on a higher plane than its southern neighbour, former US Ambassador Robert Blackwill said on Tuesday.
With Obama administration devoting enormous thought to Pakistan, the former diplomat cautioned that India may encounter eventual US pressure on the issue of Kashmir.

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From:  arun

Hyundai to shift i20 production from Chennai to Europe
Hyundai Motors India Ltd-the second largest car manufacturer in the country- is planning to shift the production of its  premium hatchback i20 model for the export market from  Chennai  to Europe.
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