Monday, May 11, 2009

Warp speed

When it comes to Gandhi dynasty space-time continuum, permittivity of secular free space is off the charts. Forgive my Trekkian language, but ever since the prince's failure to launch became apparent after his "magnificient" press conference, restless secularists have turned their eyes to the next Great Hope, Priyanka Vadra Gandhi (Nehru?).

Mr Karan Thapar, an "eminent, respected," and as "impartial" a journalist as they come--though not decorated with Padma, yet--has risked his reputation in making a "reckless prognostication." He has said what no one has, so far: predict yet another coming of yet another Gandhi.  The next secular messiah. And why? Because:
And now, why do I believe if Priyanka steps into politics she could end up as PM? Because she has a magical spark that makes her compelling. It’s a combination of charm, charisma, presence, appearance and intelligence.

This is of course a not so tacit admission that her brother, the hyped-up heir apparent, is a loser. A pappu, in vernacular slang, if you will.

It might be a while, 16th May to be precise, before paranoia engulfs the secular establishment, and a clamor sets in for a palace coup, dethroning the prince charming. Secular elders are increasingly nervous, depressed, sulking. Priyanka is their only Prozac.


B Shantanu said...

Socal: Read it here first!

Anonymous said...

The sycophancy exhibited by the English language media doesn't seem to have any limits when it comes to worshipping the Indira-Nehru dynasty.

socal said...

Nah Shantanu! Been on my mind since I watched Star Trek recently. Good post though.