Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Support for the Chindu on the DMK ministers issue

This blog has always been proud of being a media watchdog. However there are occasions when the media is unfairly targeted by politicians for their conniving purposes. Recently Mu Ka and his henchmen targeted LiC and the Chindu for writing a series of articles on how the DMK was greedy enough to ask for more cabinet posts. Covered in our blog here.
Whether LiC was angry at the DMK is beside the point here. The Chindu as a responsible member of the media has to report the truth on how the UPA coalition bargains ministry posts among its parties. If it does expose the nepotism that runs deeply within the DMK what is wrong with that?
I for one have long predicted that LiC by jumping onto the Third Front bandwagon would be hammered sooner or later by the DMK. But Mu Ka's ridiculous statements about LiC's vendetta proves Chindu's argument.
Example:Who is the newest Cabinet minister? If you answered Azhagiri you are absolutely right. The DMK supports Azhagiri who has no logical right to be a Cabinet minister (let alone sit in the Parliament) over T.R. Baalu a veteran minister. Just because Azhagiri is the son of Mu Ka and Mu Ka wants Stalin to take over as CM! In fact Azhagiri was apparently chosen over the more deserving and another of Mu Ka's children Kanimozhi as per Indian Express here.
Therefore on this issue I hope Chindu and LiC do their damnedest to expose this deep rooted nepotism which is choking the life away from a vibrant state.


kuttychathan said...

The Hindu was very mild in its criticism of Mu Ka's family. But Mu Ka can't even tolerate mild criticism.

Had Mu Ka allied with the left, The Hindu would have blacked out all the news/views critical of him.

kuttychathan said...

DD..No swine & jackass were announced last week...Please don't forget it this week...

Anonymous said...

In the Union govt. formation after the 2004 elections Chindu mightily campaigned for MuKa (when he staged the same drama at Delhi as he did a few days ago!). Chindu published, in the first page, copy of a letter purpotedly written on behalf of the Congress party guaranteeing the post of IT & Telecom to DMK and how the Congress backtracked on the deal etc.

Chief's behaviour is not that surprising. DMK was with the commies then and now against the commies!

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the note. The LiC is an opportunist, but here at the blog we want the media to expose the truth about our politicians.
I'm sure liC will shut up, if say Mu Ka were to give some huge ads to the Chindu.

Dirt Digger said...

Aah the swine of the week. I will be sure to publish some this week.

Dirt Digger said...

You hit the nail on the head. LiC has been in bed with the commies forever. But the larger problem for TN is Mu Ka's family getting into all dimensions of power be it State, Central Govt. and Media.
Something needs to be done.