Friday, May 22, 2009

For whom does Pak's nuclear weapons pose a direct challenge to?

Answer me this, for whom does Pak's nuclear weapons pose a direct challenge to? Not to China, not to an America so far away, not even Israel. If you were one of the smart people who somehow guessed India, then you have more intelligence than the bumbling idiots who run Chindu.
Read this article Pakistan’s nuclear challenge
Worse, the Obama administration seems oblivious to the fact that the $10 billion in extended civilian and military assistance it has lined up for Pakistan over the next few years will allow the country’s domestic financial resources to be diverted towards this nuclear build-up.

The entire article is filled with trite about how the US is responsible and how the Obama administration is not focused on containing Pak's nuclear capabilities. Blaming Obama's team for the Pakistan governments failure is asinine. Rather the exercise should be India's priority as its security is at stake. Hypothetically if India was in a war with say Canada which had WMD's, would the US wait for India to collect the WMD's?
Obviously no, it would disarm and capture them and not give a hoot for India's concerns. Chindu's analysis of waiting for the US to put the genie(Pak's nuclear arms) back into the bottle if followed is bound for failure.


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Unfortunately, when Newyork Times ( says the same thing, our esteemed bloggers, experts on Indian foreign policy, ask us to ignore those concerns and demand the US to do our job for us:

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