Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chindu regurgitates communist propaganda

With around 25 seats, Left has been reduced to such insignificance that it can hardly be considered an opposition.
The Hindu : Front Page : Third Front lacked credibility: CPI(M)
Accepting the people’s verdict, it said the CPI(M) and the Left parties would work as a responsible opposition in Parliament.
But that has not kept it away from its regular propaganda.
In the Polit Bureau’s assessment, the Congress gained from some of the measures such as the NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act), the Forest Tribal Act and other social welfare measures pushed through under Left pressure. The party also got more support amongst the minorities and sections of secular-minded people who were keen to ensure that the BJP did not make a comeback. The BJP has been rejected by the people as it could not offer anything beyond its communal agenda combined with rightwing economic policies which the people had already spurned in 2004. The rabid communal rhetoric of the likes of Varun Gandhi and Narendra Modi dominated its election campaign.
So the Left came up with brilliant schemes like NREGA, Forest Tribal Act, etc due to which Congress gained 61 seats and Left lost 33 seats. What do you conclude of it?


Gandaragolaka said...


LiC's true colours--

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from the above mentioned blog, on Chindu and Chief:

I'm not a supporter of N. Ram or Hindu, In fact, I consider him an Anti-national due to his support for China. The trash he manufactures and publishes to defend the projects taken up by china, which includes covert military build up around indian ocean, is enough to call him an anti-national.

Having said that many tamil pathukavalars have in the past have defended hindu, some have called it an intellectual newspaper. Including well known activists. In the srilankan issue they have taken an U turn, once ram was a darling, now the opposite. I believe they will soon make another U turn, once the srilankan issue goes of the radar.

Remember the periyarite veeramanis love for Ram and frontline. Which he now calls it a news paper run by Parpans.