Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leftist terrorist exposes his red stripes

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Humility in victory, introspection in defeat
The Congress may have been a late and even reluctant convert; but what matters finally is that the party and the Left ended up on the same page.
Why does it matter that the Congress should be on the same side of the Left? Especially on NREGA, which was designed to be a leaky bucket and ended up that way - a drain on the economy. Siddharth Varadarajan drops all pretensions and exposes his red stripes. He gives the undue credit to the Left for this scheme. Btw, chindu carried an article each year updating us on the progress of NREGA and the considerable amount of success (sic) it has achieved. Congress was a late convert, huh!
... the issues on which the Left and the Congress had parted company last year made no sense at all to voters in 2009.
So the nuclear deal is senseless to the voters now. Good going, Sid. Leftist ideology is so overwhelming, it leaves little room for sensible thinking.
On most issues of consequence, domestic and foreign, the distance between centrist and leftist policy was getting eroded.
Shall we say the Congress is Leftist now? Get a life, Sid. It is fair to say that the Left parties have become irrelevant and are on the verge of being wiped out. Good riddance.


Radhey said...

terrorist is very strong label to attach, even libelous, no???

Anonymous said...

Terrorists or not, leftists are rapidly losing territory. The Angrezi media, instead of giving unsolicited advice to BJP, should in fact, do something to help the commies (the media darlings) so as to bring them back to face the harsh realities of desi politics.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

radhey, probably right. but sid takes liberties with hindus. fair to give it back to him, i say. have you read his stuff on godhra?