Monday, May 04, 2009

The anonymous filth inspector at chindu gets to work

I found the tone of the article downright derogatory. If you were to attribute an objective for this article, what would it be? I can't find any positives coming out of this.
The Hindu : Magazine / Issues : From ‘India Shining’ to ‘India was Shining’
From ‘India Shining’ to ‘India was Shining’


Anonymous said...

I agree that the tone is downright derogatory - the only purpose of the article seems to be to throw mud on Joshi. The author disputes that India's is one of the oldest civilizations - the least one expects is that as an Indian he should atleast take pride in our history. There is no undisputed record to show other civilizations are older. But then 'The Hindu' is colored (green?) and so one-sided these days. Hope to see the paper go down the drain - and quickly at that.

kuttychathan said...

Moreover those historian-idiots remain nameless...

CodeNameV said...

I was literally waiting all day for this one on cbcnn.

This is the same old rotten junk of anti-national talk the marxits had been doing althrough five decades+ of freedom. I dont know wat they were expecting as premable of the manifesto. Probably, a complete paper back book (with preface, index and glossary) to various resources quoting all the different points made in the preamble!! Pathetic the way the article came out. Laughable of all "brief comments by eminent, yet unnamed historians":

"India is not the most ancient civilisation. Civilisation is generally defined as having city cultures and that would make Egypt, Mesopotamia and China older." - absolutely right. I completely agree. Thanks to Macaulayists for comments, yet some fringe elements keep talking about agriculture in 10,000BC in Vedic India!!

"There were no schools or colleges as we know them today in ancient India. Upper caste children were educated in mathas, agraharas and sometimes monasteries. Children following a profession were apprentices in that profession. Lower castes and women were not educated generally. In Sanskrit plays they are the ones who speak the vernacular language Prakrit whilst the upper caste, educated persons speak Sanskrit." - and yet in Ramayana, Sravana's father is Vyasya while his mother is a Sudra and they ask him to get water so they can do their Sayam Sandhyavandanam!! Yet, lower castes were never educated. And did you say Kamba could still re-write Ramayanam. Oh sorry, exceptions are not examples!! Did some body say Gurukuls. Oh forget it, Gurukuls were figments of imagination of some seers who did too much of meditation.

"The notion of the secular was not known to the Hindus, as the secular requires giving priority to the human being irrespective of his/her beliefs. Hindus were concerned with establishing caste and sect. Only the Buddhists expounded a view that might be called secular since they emphasised social ethics irrespective of other links. And Buddhists were ousted by Hindus" - then how come Asoka could so easily build Stupas around the country? There are historical accounts proving that Adi Shankara engaged in charcha gosti disussing "life, religion and philosophy" with jain seers and buddhist seers across the country. Yes there was infighting in between Hindus and Buddhists but it was at an intellectual level, in the battle field. There were great philosophical disputes between Acharyas in Hindu gurukuls with Upadhyayas in budhist tradition but Hindus offered better philosophies than buddhists and that was why people turned back to hinduism. The best example in this regard would be Adi Shankara himself who gave Advaitha to beat the Shavaite-Vaishnavite disputes and also overwhelm the buddhist philosophies!! And yet, Buddhists were thrown out of the country! Chindu jindabad!!

Anonymous said...

Not only disgustingly derogatory but downright insult to the Hindus and those who believe in Hinduism. The Hindu is like a garland in the hands of a mad and drunken monkey.

Shahryar said...

Unfortunately idiots in the West believe Chindu is an Indian nationalist paper!