Sunday, May 10, 2009

Swine of the week - Week ending 5/10/2008

In this segment we would like to honor those who have made insignificant contributions to the country in general by means of their comments which could be nonsensical, ignorant, biased or a combination of all.
This week's winner (as nominated by kuttychathan and an Anonymous reader) and the first Swine of the Week - Rahul Gandhi:

after a public divorce between his party and the Left, now sounding desparate with his party staring at defeat in the Elections:
Ideological differences between Congress and Left persist, but there is lot of meeting ground and reasonable amount of common space,

There were many asinine and biased Chindu's writers who keep the writers and readers of this blog entertained. Hasan Suroor, M.K. Bhadra Kumar and Sidd Varadarajan are some of the nominees this week.
But the Jackass of the Week would have to go to the Editorial Group for their their filth in the article demeaning the Indian culture From ‘India Shining’ to ‘India was Shining’
Thanks again to all our readers for your support. Please keep up your comments and suggestions!


Gandaragolaka said...

Q:why doesnt Rahul Gandhi stutter, drool, and sound completely lost while answering journalists these days?

A: Because swine flu has swelled his brain.

kuttychathan said...

Fine choices DD...The picture of swine is especially very apt.. Thank you..
I hope the two awards will infuse competition among the politicians of India and the journalist of the Hindu..

Anonymous said...

"Jackass of the week" collectively for the Eminent Clowns is not a bad idea, but I suspect that not all of these jokers are male. The eminentest of them is definitely female.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

nightwatchman pm is a looking strong for the next week's contest with his statement that "1984 riots cannot be kept alive forever".

Dirt Digger said...

Haha good one. Thanks!

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for contributing to this blog. Keep posting your innovative and witty suggestions.

Dirt Digger said...

Well for the editorial group there are some who are neither :)

Dirt Digger said...

Of course it benefits the culprits that the issues get driven into the ground and be buried.
Thanks for the note.

Secularist said...

The Lok Sabha election results are out now, and you guys must be trying desperately to hide somewhere. At least your leaders in the Parivar are. What a bunch of losers! Pathetic.