Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine of the week ending May 18th -Election special

Some recent developments have held me up from posting this regular section.
With the elections over, swines on all sides started their noise. The winners were gloating, the losers pouting, the "secular" media cribbing and so on.
Here are a few choice commens,
Amar Singh after being hammered,
the party would await a formal invitation from Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi before declaring its support to the UPA.

Leaders of the Left were also candidates for this honor.
Swine of the Week:
Mr. Mahesh Bhatt for his statement,
I think it is a verdict for anti-communalism and for moderation. The public has voted for modernisation, progress and inclusive growth. I believe that the new government will have the resolve and the capacity to take the country forward following the values of secularism entrenched in our constitution

Do you really think that 40% of people who cant get two square meals a day care about moderation and secularism? Ridiculous crap spouted by a crazy director who used to make boring trite for a decade.

Jackass of the week:
As pointed out by fellow blogger HF, Mr. Sidd Varadarajan takes the cake this time.
The Congress may have been a late and even reluctant convert; but what matters finally is that the party and the Left ended up on the same page.
Its like the person who comes last in the Olympics 100m medal race claiming that the difference between him and the winner is a few seconds.
There is a reason why you and your Left parties are a Loser Siddharth Varadarajan please stop being a baby and control the whining.


kuttychathan said...

Thanks DD... Fine selections. I have forgotten about it in the heat of elections. The picture of the swine of the week is very apt..

kuttychathan said...

Another point...The Hindu, as usual is painting a one sided picture about the defeat of LTTE...

While even the international news channels like BBC gave prominent coverage to the protest by Tamils all over the world against the military action in Sri Lanka, The Hindu, whose main base is Tamil Nadu, has ignored those protests.

Anonymous said...

In the books of Chief and Chindu there are stringent qualifications that have to be met to qualify as "victim". Even though the Jaffna Tamils are suffering "minorities" in their own country, yet they do not meet the critical qualification to be certified as victims, because they are neither Muslims nor Christians.

Chindu has not shed even a drop of corocodile tear for these hapless people (not LTTE), whereas Chief and his paid slaves never tire of writing about the Gujarat and Orissa riot "victims".

kuttychathan said...

Muslims in Srilenka have been opposed to Tamil cause. Several Muslims were victims of LTTE. China has provided strategic support to the Srilenkan army in their fight against LTTE. So it is no wonder that The Hindu is singing paens to the Lenkan government. The puppets in the Kasturi Building in Anna Sali are dancing to the string-pulls of the red and green puppeteers...

harish said...

Nice Pick. You should also have added that presently he specializes in writing scripts for low budget B-grade,semi-soft-porn movies, which are essentially hollywood rip offs.

kuttychathan said...

Please see the leading article "Tainted Triumph" in this week's Economist,(economist.com) for an impartial analysis of the SriLankan situation. I wish somebody from 'The Hindu' read it....

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments. The Chindu's blackout of the Lankan tragedy is simply a "scrach my back, I'll scratch yours" example.

Dirt Digger said...

I agree. Its a case of total hypocrisy where one life is greater value than the other.

Dirt Digger said...

Good one! yeah he's and his family are a disgrace to anyone in the film industry. Its incredible how these losers like Bhatt, Shabana Azmi and all jump on the secular bandwagon when they have nothing else to contribute.