Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mumbai riots going on and on ...... and on

This is a pathetic piece of an article, hardly deserving to be on Opinion page and in the present context needs to be dealt with contempt. Sena has been out of power for quite some time. There has been no sudden reversal of trend from the state and parliament elections. The Mumbai riots are long gone and there have been several elections after that. If we are to trace the impact of the riots on the subsequent elections, I am sure it will be along the lines of the law of diminishing returns. And would anyone believe if told that Shiv Sena or the Congress or the NCP or MNS went about campaigning about the riots during this parliament elections. The dead horse has been beaten and buried and the grave has been relaid several times over.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : The disillusionment with the Sena
many people got homes but my wife’s house was burnt in the riots, she
lost her parents, why can’t she be given this flat?” he asks.
Meena Menon has based her entire "analysis" on one family's account of injustice. And the riot victim also says that many people got homes. Doesn't Meena's argument fall flat? The family is enlisted for a home. They are awaiting justice. If anything, it shows the Congress government's inability to deliver justice. By her argument, should not the Congress have fared miserably because this family did not get justice. Apart from one family's travails, what additional insight has Meena provided in her election analysis of Sena's performance.

There is something about the way the flow of the article is structured. Details about the family's sufferings clubbed along with the author blaming Sena for not alleviating the pain is alluding to a blatanly false proposition that Sena was directly responsible for inflicting the damage on the victim. Much like how the Mangalore pub beating incident got associated with BJP although Muthalik has nothing to do with the Parivar.

Chindu is now touching levels which even we here at this blog thought were not possible.


Anonymous said...

Chief is yet to recover from the pathetic performance of the dear comrades in the recent Lok Sabha elections. So, still in a state of delirium Chindu's articles are incoherent.

HF said...

I am still waiting for Opinion/Analysis on the reasons for communists' pathetic performance in the elections. We already heard from him that the BJP lost because of Hindutva. Sena performance has also been thoroughly analyzed. Now, if we can get to the most important party in the country.