Friday, May 08, 2009

In today's news - ragging, Brinda, Mulayam and more.

Please submit your selections for the Swine of the week who will be selected this weekend.

After solving all major problems facing India like national security, human rights violations, terrorism cases, law and order etc. the Supreme Court focused its attention on the most important issue of the day - ragging!
I'm surprised that Advani's surprised when Mulayam said he would dance if anyone dismissed Mayawati's government. Isn't that what Article 356 of the Constitution for?
In other news Brinda Karat said Trinamool is the most unnatural ally as it supported BJP during Godhra. To which I ask, then its quite similar to the Left Parties as they instigated the Nandigram violence.
Some times I'm suspicious of Chindu's motives. Case in point the over eager need of LiC and his cohorts to nudge India to talk to Pakistan. Why should we talk to a country riddled in civil war, which in the past has sponsored terror in a global scale?
Lastly Prakash Karat made another day dreaming statement,
Our assessment is that our combination is well-poised to form the government at the Centre. Mr. Naveen Patnaik will play an important role in the formation of a non-Congress secular government


Anonymous said...

Swine of the week is Naveen Patnaik for participating in "talks" with Prakast Karat.

Anonymous said...

My swine of the Week is Rahul Gandhi for shooting off his mouth and then to have the party put their foot in their mouth.

kuttychathan said...

I second the nomination of Rahul Gandhi for 'swine of the week' award. I also nominate Hassan Suroor, the jehadi correspondent in London, for the 'jackass of the week' award.

I wonder how 'The Hindu', with its relentless biased coverage of news, still retain the first position, in terms of circulation, in Tamil Nadu...