Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on media behaviour in this elections

this guy, partha banerjee, is a jerk. but he makes the right noises here.
The Medium's Massage : outlookindia.com
The election results have proved once again that in today's globalised world, media propaganda works, issues don't. Our lives are now decided by what the media dictates. An influential editor admitted that it was an election of "non-issues"; to seasoned onlookers like me, it was nothing more than soapbox advertisement for Sonia Gandhi and her children. It worked!
If this election were about substantive issues—issues big-name journalists suppressed—we'd talk about the failure of the Manmohan government to protect Indians from terrorism and war. But it didn't happen. The media didn't challenge Rahul and Priyanka on these critical questions. Instead, it glorified their celebrity status and projected them as vote-getters without scrutinising them.

Some are comparing the rise of Rahul with that of Barack Obama. But here in the US, for nearly two years, media put Obama under the lens and examined him inside out to examine his competence to be president. When will we learn to do that? If not in election times, when?

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