Friday, May 01, 2009

Waste Bengal

Bengal was the richest province in our country. Bengalis elected communists once. Ever since, the communists have been electing themselves. What a costly mistake it has been for Bengal.
Bengal has been turned into waste land through communist reforms against feudalism. Then the communists sat on top as the feudal lords. Old order restored. Poverty magnified.
The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> Left exposed in waste Bengal
West Bengal has the highest rate of hunger in rural households among major Indian States.

The figure for all of India is 2.5 per cent, for Bihar it is 3.2 per cent and for Orissa it is 5.9 per cent. In West Bengal, however, 11.7 per cent of rural households go hungry every night.

The Congress document also says “14 of West Bengal's 18 districts … are among the 100 poorest districts in India”. The single “poorest district in India” is Murshidabad ... where 56 per cent of the people live in abject poverty”.

In Purulia, there are pockets of armed rebellion against feudalism and tribal oppression by CPI(M) party bosses.

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