Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nandigram is not CPM's fault, reiterates CBCNN

Police moved to `check lawlessness'

The police are not be blamed here although atleast 11 people died because this is the CPM government. Contrast this with how CBCNN blames the police of every other state.

Remember all those tears for Faizal?

In Nandigram, when the police were trying to control lawlessness, 11 people were killed. In Bangalore, the police targetted a 11 year old to control lawlessness. This is the CBCNN contrast in reporting.

After absolving the police in Nandigram, CBCNN launches a scathing attack on Trinamool and the people opposing CPI(M):

Trinamool Congress failed to respond to calls
"lawlessness prevailing in the area could no longer be allowed to continue"
Trinamool activists staged demonstrations
Some State buses were damaged and an attempt was made to set ablaze one.
Protesters squatted on rail tracks in various parts of the State and several trains, including the Rajdhani Express, were held up.
Unrest at Nandigram was sparked by rumours

The Chindu sees absolutely nothing wrong in firing at and killing the protestors.

Finally, it condones CPI(M), listing out all the steps it took to address the people's concern:
But the Chief Minister's had been holding out assurances that no land would be acquired for the project without the consent of the local people.
He had even reiterated that the proposed chemical hub would be set up elsewhere if the local people remained opposed to it.

So I figure the local people were opposed to the SEZ at Nandigram and the government deployed force to kill innocents.

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babloo said...

i am a resident of bengal and until the day of 14th march was supporting CPM by heart but now after Nandigram I am to rethink about my faith and beleif.
As per CBI the total official life loss is 14, and more than 100 people are still missing, the brutal attack on harmless women and children by the police and CPM cadres blatanly shown through number of TV channels and newspapers exposes the CPM as a political party comparable only to BJP for their misdeeds in Gujrat.