Monday, March 19, 2007

Building on the terrorist image for Mamta

Bomb explodes at Tata Motor's site

The only people to benefit from this act would be CPM. Trinamool would never do anything so stupid in the relatively peaceful Singur. The article itself shows how it has been tailor-made for CPI(M) propaganda. Also notice how The Chindu is desperately trying to label Mamta a terrorist.


Anonymous said...

Today's centre page "cartoon" confirms it. Mamta and her two supporters are dwarfed by a giant figure (likely Buddha, very different from the original non-violent Gautama). More interestingly, Mamta's two supporters (in turn dwarfed by the figure of Mamta) are shown as lumpen (a pet terminology of Leftist and pseudo-secular school to describe anti-Left forces), clad in lungi, with a long stick in one hand and a burning torch on the other. So, the demonisation of Mamta is complete! Chindu can not stoop down to greater depths.

Anonymous said...

Here comes some news, surely not from our comrade Chindu, about who the terrorists are in the Nandigram incident (normally these kinds of violent incidents are romanticised by our comrades as struggles, revolutionary movements, mass action etc., except that they are the in the opposite camp now).

According to the Pioneer (Monday, March 19, 2007):

"Huge cache of arms leaves CPM Red-faced" -

In what could be a major loss of face for the ruling CPI(M), the CBI on Sunday maintained that many of those missing after Wednesday's police firing in Nandigram could actually have been killed and buried somewhere as a diary retrieved from the arrested CPI(M) cadre might suggest.

Ten alleged Marxist cadre were arrested by the Central agency on Saturday from a brick kiln with huge quantity of arms and ammunition that included 9 Japanese and 11 Indian rifles, about 700 live bullets. Also recovered from the site were Left leaflets and Red flags.