Monday, March 19, 2007

Short on facts and long on rumours

Facts, completeness and background

S. Savitri of Chengalpattu (Tamil Nadu), "who holds The Hindu in great reverence," has several questions about the paper's reporting of the swearing-in of the new Chief Minister in Uttarakhand. The photo caption did not fully and correctly identify those seen. The report — "short on facts and long on rumours" — did not list all the dignitaries who attended. She found all these details and more in other papers. A Congress or a Left Government being sworn in would not "have received such a lackadaisical coverage," she added.

Very well pointed by S.Savitri. But I have a question for Savitri. Why do you still consider The Chindu in "great reverence"?

Preferences or prejudices should not intrude into actual reporting, when fairness is the paper's credo.

Thank you. Now lets get back to praising CPI(M).

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