Friday, March 23, 2007

CPM gunning (literally) for industrialization in WB

Karat has produced another masterpiece of communist hypocrisy in the party organ, The Chindu, err... People's Democracy. Here, he is fighting for a capitalism. The Left drove all industries away to make West Bengal into a communist heaven. Now, Karat is gunning (pun intended) down opposition to bring prosperity to WB. Makes me wonder what CPM stands for - communism or capitalism.

West Bengal will not abandon industrialisation policy: Karat

``Balanced economic development requires industrialisation within the capitalist framework too. If some argue that small and medium industries are sufficient, the CPI (M) does not agree. Large-scale units, particularly in manufacturing, are necessary,'' party general secretary Prakash Karat said in an article in the latest edition of the party organ, People's Democracy.

Communist experiments in the past have been human catastrophies.

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