Sunday, March 25, 2007

CPM vis-a-vis 'reactionary forces'

CPM, which always said it represented the 'reactionary forces' against the Government's development efforts, is now singing a different tune when it is in the government. For 30 years, CPM fostered the 'reactionary forces' to drive away all industries from West Bengal. Now the monster of its own creation is coming back to extract its share of blood. Suddenly, the CPM is caught fighting the 'reactionary forces'. It will be interesting to see if CPM is willing to fight against 'reactionary forces' in the rest of India. Knowing the history of CPM, it will never be shy to espouse double standards. What is true for Bengal is not applicable to rest of India.

The Hindu : Front Page : Left Front will have to resist reactionary campaign: Biman Bose

Biman Bose, Secretary of the State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), warned here on Saturday against "moves by reactionary forces to disrupt the drive towards development being undertaken by the State Government."

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