Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Karat fights for Muslims

CPI (M) seeks programme for minorities

Karat comes out with the most comprehensive set of recommendations for the upliftment of Muslims. Very impressive. How about we talk for some time about the condition of muslims in West Bengal, where CPI(M) has been ruling uninterruptedly for almost 40 years.


Anonymous said...

Great man.
I have become a regular to your blog nowadays.
Let this Blog reaches millions of people so that the Pseudosecular-Commie-N.Ram the spoiler of the Great News paper will one day run away to China.
Keep it UP

Anonymous said...

It will be instructive and informative to know about the practice of minority quota inside the commie world. For example, how many Muslims are there in the top heirarchy of CPI and CPM, the number of Muslims representing these two parties, as parliamentary, legislative and local body members, ministers and Chief Ministers. What is puzzling is why Jyoti Basu had to remain as CM for so many years and surprisingly no Bengali Muslim could be found qualified enough to be CM. At least now, Bhuddadeb should be magnanimous and vacate his chair in favour of a Muslim.

And what about the presence of minorities within the Chindu setup, right from the top editorial echelon down to the shopfloor? Wouldn't it be great to have a hefty quota for minorities (only Muslims and Christians, of course) in the Indian edition of Peoples Daily?

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Communist parties are also the most castiest ones. You find the powerful posts are invariably held by the forward castes. So much about their talk of uplifting the backward castes and making a casteless society. Btw, the Sachar committe made a damning remark that muslims in Gujarat are better off than muslims in West Bengal.