Sunday, March 11, 2007

Neo-convert Buddhadeb

Buddhadeb: we are committed to taking West Bengal forward

The Left has been ruling West Bengal from almost the time of Independence. So what is the economic state of West Bengal. We get it from our most authentic source, The Chindu.

West Bengal economy: A not-so-rosy picture

West Bengal has joined the bandwagon of `poor States' ...
In a study of 19 States based on 46 parameters, including infrastructure, education, health, investment, consumer market, and law and order, across eight categories, West Bengal was ranked 14 during the period 1991-2001

But The Chindu is trying to create the impression that Buddhadeb is doing miracles while the opposition, which is to be held solely responsible for all evil, is blocking all development.

Here it is interesting to note that Buddhadeb is trying to emulate Narendra Modi.

Buddhadeb goes ga-ga over Modi

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