Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A lengthy article on China's property privatisation

The private property debate in China

Firstly, this bill, for changing property laws in China, is China's domestic policy, with virtually no impact to India. Unless, of course, you treat India as a province in China. Why does it warrant such a detailed evaluation?

Mr. Peng points out that several laws governing the leasing of land in both rural and urban areas were already in place. The current draft property law merely brings several of these earlier laws together under an overarching umbrella.

Cleary, some Chinese think that this law is not a breakthrough.

Secondly, it shows that the Chinese are getting more Capitalistic than our Comrades in India would like to accept. The Chindu should start embracing the free markets and the imperialists.

Thirdly, 700 million Chinese who continue to live in rural areas are in no paradise as sketched out by their Indian comrades.

Rural residents have no state-provided social security, Mr. Wen explains, so their communally owned plot of land is often virtually all that remains between them and destitution. Were they allowed to sell this land it would expose them to exploitation and impoverishment on an altogether more alarming scale than at present, Mr.Wen concludes.

Summary: Rural Chinese are getting exploited and impoverished now. China is looking to screw them further to keep the cities shining.

Talking of property rights, have a look at this island building:


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