Sunday, March 25, 2007

Helpless Chindu cribs

This is highly commendable, isn't it - a leader stressing on development rather than taking a dig at political opponents. Instead of showering praise on Modi, The Chindu indulges in partisan politics. The central government is trying to replicate -- like "Chiranjeevi" -- several schemes of Modi in other states. Modi's another innovative programme, Vidyalakshmi, which provides a Rs 1,000 bond to every girl child who enrols in the first grade in villages with a low female literacy rate, has attracted countrywide attention. Modi is rightfully stressing on his development feats. But The Chindu calls it "harping" - in a derogatory sense. It also complains that he isn't mentioning about the Central Government schemes.

The Hindu : National : Modi harps on development feats

Except for oblique references to the "failures" of the previous Congress governments to take the State on the path of progress, Mr. Modi avoided direct attack on his political opponents in the State or the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre. Even in Godhra, the scene of the train carnage that sparked off the brutal riots in 2002, he made no reference to the communal passions and his 40-minute address was totally dedicated to his Government's schemes for women's empowerment.

...he avoided reference to Central Government schemes for the poor and backward classes.

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