Thursday, March 22, 2007

Terrifying bigotry of Chindu

We have seen on several occasions the Left acting with the sole agenda of defeating BJP. This is the kind of semitic hatred driving the Left more than any enlightened ideology to serve people. Left's acidic attacks on BJP, RSS and Hindus in general is well documented. It is also very evident in The Chindu, which never misses an opportunity to berate Hindus and condone minority appeasement. And on the occassion of M.S.Golwalkar's birth centenary, the leftists have come out with a book deriding RSS and the Hindus. The Chindu celebrates the book launch along with the leftists.

Book on Golwalkar attracts spirited debate

Applauding "Terrifying Vision" for its attempt to synthesise the overall published oeuvre of Golwalkar, than cherry-picking selected quotations to make a point, Siddharth Varadarajan, Associate Editor of The Hindu, said Prof. Sharma had exposed the irrationality, ignorance and bigotry that lay at the foundation of the RSS' ideology and politics.

Irrationality, Ignorance and Bigotry - strong words. But these are reserved only for Hindus. Heard of the Calcutta Quran Petition? It exposes "the manual". How does it compare to the vision of Gowalkar?

The Chindu does nothing to educate its readers or analyze situations in the best interests of the country. It is an ideological document propagating communism against the interests of the country and particularly against the majority Hindus.

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