Sunday, March 25, 2007

Leftist NGOs want more money for riot victims

The package had nothing to offer to the 59 Hindus burnt alive in Godhra. But the leftist organizations are not concerned about them. They want more money to be granted to the 5000 displaced muslims. And Teesta Setalvad, funded by the Saudi Fundamentalists, always has something to say in support of the Muslims. Money speaks.

The Hindu : National : Package for riot victims hailed

In a statement, the Aantarik Visthapit Hak Rakshak Samiti urged the Centre to expand the scope of the Rs.106.57-crore package "to bring into its framework the rights to relief, rehabilitation and reparation for the thousands who still remain internally displaced due to the violence in 2002 and who have really been in the forefront of this latest chapter in the struggle for recognition."

Teesta Setalvad of the Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) described the package as ...

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Anonymous said...

Teesta and the other vested interests of Human Rights Inc. have never made noise about the victims of the 1984 Congress-sponsored progrom in Delhi against innocent Sikhs (killed in thousands). Of course, one can not expect the Congress party itself to offer any compensation as they were the perpetrators.

Similarly, the Hindu victims of ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and elsewhere in Bharat have never been offered even words of sympathy.

Shame on the pseudo-secular brigade and the campaigners for selective human rights.