Monday, March 19, 2007

Karat rules out removing Buddhadeb

Removing Buddhadeb ruled out

"The people of West Bengal have elected the Left Front; he [Mr. Bhattacharjee] is the Chief Minister of the Left Front Government and will remain so," he [Karat] said.

Simple, isnt it. I wonder why this is not applicable to other governments in the rest of the country - for example, Narendra Modi, whose dismissal CPM has been baying for since ages. Communists have always applied one rule for WB and another for the rest of the country.

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Duniya said...

It is certainly ironic that Trinamool and its BJP allies are demanding that Buddhadeb be sacked, arrested and even hung for a bungling attempt to restore order to Nandigram, when Vajpayee and Advani gave Modi immunity from prosecution for the Gujarat pogrom, which was not simply about restoring order but terrorising an entire community. Now these same people are stirring up communalism among Muslim farmers, suggesting that they are being targetted by the CPM because of their religion. I dread where all this is taking West Bengal.