Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The other side of Nandigram?

Nandigram victims narrate their tales of woe

I read the headline and thought, "Oh my God, Chindu is actually reporting about the CPM violence against the people". But it turns out that this is a propaganda against the Trinamool Congress. It talks about how
- people are terrorized in Nandigram by Mamta
- Nandigram is in grip of lawlessness
- CPI(M) has rescued them and provided shelter in relief camps
- CPI(M) is delivering justice to the people.

You can't beat this CBCNN propaganda machine. I wonder why no other newspaper noticed the other side of Nandigram. Also, why isn't The Chindu not noticing the marxists unleashing terror on the villagers in the name of industrialization? Lopsided view, isn't it. But CBCNN would go about drum-rolling its fairness and high journalistic standards. Like the Reader's editor spoke yesterday:

Preferences or prejudices should not intrude into actual reporting, when fairness is the paper's credo.


trip said...

Questions to ask - why were these people living in camps run by the CPIM? Why not the gov? or is there no difference? and how to belive these people? I'm no fan od mamta banerjee, but the fact is that villagers have died in this incident and not CPIM goons or these refugees.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

trip, very good question - is there any difference between cpim camps and govt camps? does cpim organising the camps mean that the government has failed to do its duty.