Sunday, March 11, 2007

Misinterpretation of philosophy for political purpose

`Rama cult arose in the South'

Interestingly, the Rama temples were called `sacred Ayodhya,' lending credence to the view that the concept of Ayodhya of Rama was originally mythical, having little to do with modern Ayodhya . ``It reminds one of the famous saying Tulasidas, Avadhu tahaan jahaan Raama nivaasu, meaning ``wherever Rama resides, that is Ayodhya.''

Tulasidas' statement is clearly a philosophical exposition not to be loosely interpreted to further a political agenda. But that is exactly what "The Chindu" is doing, in an attempt to discredit the Hindu claims to Ram temple in Ayodhya. For more details on the communist distortions on Ayodhya look at the following link:

Ayodhya: The case against the Temple

But the entire range of religious literature on Rama-bhakti in the `saguna' stream has a very clear social message: God is universally accessible and grants salvation to all those who worship him with devotion, but he does not allow any violation of caste rules and disrespect to brahmans, regardless of their qualifications.

Respect for caste hierarchy and its rules despite the irrelevance of caste status in the pursuit of liberation had been the essential feature of Vaishnavism from its first exposition in the Bhagavad Gita, Professor Jaiswal said.

These statements are highly deplorable. I do not know how Prof. Jaiswal concluded that God does not allow violation of caste rules. Why is she professing the rigidity of the caste system? Let me check with google on this lady. Here it is, from CBCNN's site:

New perspectives on caste
Jaiswal clearly stands out as a Marxist historian who is not prepared to be herded.
It is a forceful reiteration of her well-known Marxist position.

We have known all too well, the Marxist historian's hatred towards Hindus.

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Anonymous said...

It is the time-tested tenet of Indian pseudo-secularism that anything connected with the history of Hinduism should be discredited as "mythical", whereas speculations and stories related to the 'minority' religions are sacred historical facts. Hence, the adjective "Biblical" instead of "mythical" when talking about Christianity. No wonder Chindu is faithful to the core in propagating the pseudo-secular ideology founded on negation of our Ithihasas and Puranas.