Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If it is Congress' mistake, share it equally with BJP

Power and politics in Maharashtra

When you have no electricity and water, you don't stop to consider that the Opposition shares the blame. You tend to lay it all at the feet of those in power. This is what the ruling Congress-NCP coalition has to confront.

Wonderful, isn't it. Blame the BJP for Congress' mistakes.

Two things to look at here.
1. How long was Congress in power in Maharashtra.
2. How long since the power shortage is a concern.

1. From wiki:

After India's independence, most of Maharashtra's political history was dominated by the Congress party. Maharashtra became a bastion of the Congress party producing stalwarts such as Y.B. Chavan, one of its most prominent Chief Ministers. The party enjoyed near unchallenged dominance of the political landscape until 1995 when the right wing Shiv Sena and BJP secured an overwhelming majority in the state to form a coalition. After a split in the Congress party, former chief minister Sharad Pawar formed the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), but formed a coalition with the Congress to keep out the BJP-SS combine. The 2004 elections saw the NCP gaining the largest number of seats to become the state's largest party, eroding much of the Shiv Sena's base.

So, it is clear that the Congress has in power for most of the time.

2. Kalpana tells us in this article itself that, Over the last two years, Maharashtra's growing, and what now appears chronic, shortage of electric power has become a reason for considerable concern.

From this it is clear that if this is a chronic problem, Congress should get most of the blame because it has been in power for the longest amount of time. If the problem has become acute over the past 2 years, the Congress must be solely blamed. In either case I cant see how BJP should share the blame. But this is just what you can expect in CBCNN - pure hatred towards BJP and the hindus.

Another issue I have is, why is Kalpana overly concerned that the bad power situation will adversly affect the Congress election results in 2009. She reiterates this again in the end.

If only political survival pushes governments to act, then it is time the Maharashtra government had a hard look at the power crisis facing the State.

I would have been much happier if she related the power shortage to farmer suicides in Vidarbha rather than Congress' re-election chances.

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