Monday, March 12, 2007

Why Sonia Gandhi's photo?

Government asked to drop satellite town plan

AICC general secretary and Congress chief whip in Rajya Sabha V. Narayanasamy has called upon the Rangasamy-led Government here to jettison immediately the plans to set up a satellite town and a deep sea port at Thengaithittu near here.

V.Narayanasamy is asking Rangasamy to follow AICC directives and Sonia Gandhi did not get personally involved in this issue. So why is CBCNN publishing her photo and trying to project the image that Sonia Gandhi is taking up cudgels to fight for the farmers. CBCNN is probably trying to prove its credentials as an ace boot-licker.


Anonymous said...

Chindu faces the classical dilemma, "To be or not to be", particularly now that the Bofors scandal has resurfaced. It can not afford to throw a volte face (unlike V.P. Singh) so easily and declare the perpetrators, beneficiaries and behind the scenes operatives "not guilty", especially after years of crusade. So, perhaps Chindu wants to be nice to the Delhi durbar and compensate for showing to be outwardly harsh on Bofors. Hence, the unnecessary publicity to mataji superior. Besides, mataji is "secular" a very important trait to be on the good books of Chindu.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Thanks a lot for your thoughtful and encouraging comments.