Saturday, September 25, 2010

Surprising but true, China gets aid in the billions

There are many countries getting international aid from the various agencies, donor nations etc. Many of them are in desperate need to support and maintain local projects as a significant majority live in abject poverty. However China gets a few billion dollars every year in aid. Yup you read it right, f-ing China gets billions while swindling other nations.
Development aid is not always solely based on need either. Aid groups say China is an ideal place to try out projects, because the authoritarian government can expand successful ones rapidly on a large scale. But China is effectively robbing the poor by competing for grants, said Dr. Jack C. Chow, who was the lead U.S. negotiator in talks that set up the Geneva-based Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, a major funder of health programs. The $1 billion China has been awarded in grants from the fund could have paid for 67 million anti-malarial bed nets, 4.5 million tuberculosis treatments, or nearly 2 million courses of AIDS therapy in poorer countries, Chow said.

Next time someone praises China for its development efforts keep in mind where it gets some of the money from and how.

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