Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ayodhya is religious, not political now

Events provide an opportunity for us to reflect upon the changing trends, analyse the impact of the change and, where applicable, suggest constructive criticism. Ayodhya was a mass movement in 1990s and it is no less an emotive issue today. But a lot has changed over the past two decades. Swapan Da captures this in his article.
Ayodhya is religious, not political now : India : Swapan Dasgupta : TOI Blogs
The irony is that this New India is more religiously and assertively Hindu than ever before.
In the 1990s, Ayodhya was a political issue; today its importance is religious.
Vidya Subramaniam, on the other hand, uses it to spread some filth
around and indulge in Hindu bashing. There were a few other articles by
her on Ayodhya over the week. But they all have the same theme. Don't
bother googling for it.
The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : When caution becomes an imperative
While Muslims have consistently favoured judicial adjudication of the title dispute, the difference this time is the strikingly moderate tone adopted by the Hindutva parivar. Forget ratcheting up passions or revving into an overdrive on agitational or celebratory programmes, the Bharatiya Janata Party and its ideological mentor have consciously eschewed provocative postures.


Xinhua Ram said...

And Neena Vyas once again proves that she can spin better than Shane Warne or Muralitharan
Advani sidelined on Ram temple issue

Thyagarajan said...

Vidya Sub's article can best be described as a trash article. This writer seems to have a penchant for visiting the places which are the centres of attraction. But then instead of reporting of ground realities, goes about stating things in accordance with her tripe views or mandates. We all know how she went and talked to a taxi driver during Gujarat elections, who predicted defeat for the Narendra Modi, led BJP. Her writings reflect lack of credibility, trying to push in her feelings, extremely provocating and to the left of centre and stupidity.