Wednesday, September 22, 2010

India tells Pakistan to f!&% off

In response to Pakistan's "resolutions" passed on J&K, India responded strongly telling that it had no locus standi in J&K. Finally showing backbone the Foreign ministry told
Pakistan should instead tackle the issues of constitutional safeguards, democracy, extremism, terrorism and human rights violations in the part of Jammu and Kashmir that was under its “illegal occupation.”

Also needling our beloved neighbor on its lack of support for human rights,
Crucially, Pakistan must fulfil its stated commitment of not allowing territory under its control to be used for terrorism directed against India in any manner. This would be an important contribution towards safeguarding the welfare of the people of J&K who suffer the consequences of terrorism fomented from across the Line of Control and the International Border,

This will not stop Pak from fomenting trouble, but hey its a nice start.

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