Thursday, September 09, 2010

cHindu welcomes alliances with despotic nations

In what is a clear exhibition of lack of vision or even rabid insanity, cHindu reiterates its vision for India to have close friendly diplomatic ties with nations like Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan while warning against ties with democratic nations. It laments the fact that India was not invited to a tea party organized by four nations which had a little get together and did not invite India.
However the author does not realize that the whole exercise while touted did little in actual value.
In Sochi, Mr. Medvedev renewed Russia's offer to rebuild about 140 industrial and infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, which the Soviet Union set up during its 10-year military intervention. The deals may be worth over $1 billion, and may entail further Russian investments in Afghanistan's oil, gas and minerals. Russia's comeback will also encourage many of the 2,00,000 Soviet-educated Afghans, who fled the Taliban to Russia, to return to their homeland.

There were no deals signed and even if realized the value is quite small. The whole NATO investment is about 50 times that amount spent every month.
Of course no Vladimir Radyuhin being the usual Ruskie stooge takes potshots at the US stating,
The Barack Obama administration has “a regional strategy for both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Russia can play an important role along with other countries in the region,” Assistant Secretary of State Philip J. Crowley was quoted as saying in a comment on the Sochi summit. Russia is giving considerable support to the U.S. in Afghanistan in line with the broader “reset” in their bilateral ties, but Washington of course is overly presumptuous to think that Moscow will toe its “strategy” in the region, assuming, of course, that the White House has one.

Long story short, the author's POV that this meeting is like the second coming of Magna Carta is simply ridiculous and any Indian diplomat reading this would laugh it off. There is probably significant value for India to discuss with the individual nations separately and sign agreements than deal with all these monkeys together.

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