Sunday, September 05, 2010

A sophisticated anti-occupation resistance

N.Ram's suggestion is a lot more relevant to Tibet than Iraq: Tibetans must develop a sophisticated anti-occupation resistance against the Chinese or risk being wiped out by the ongoing genocide. But his ideological disposition and his allegiance to his Chinese masters wont let N.Ram spell out such a thing. Instead he makes the usual war cries against American imperialism.
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Meaning of withdrawal
The Iraqis now have a hard choice: either surrender to Washington's diktat and witness the emergence of their country as a full-blown American satellite state in the heart of West Asia, or revive at all levels a sophisticated anti-occupation resistance that steers clear of al-Qaeda terrorism and Iraq's sectarian fault lines.


Xinhua Ram said...

How apt! The guy who tells Tibetans to lie down and get crushed by his Han masters talks about Iraqi resistance against retreating American forces. When can we expect Han withdrawal from Tibet, LiC?

Something similar: Farid Zakaria was telling us how the mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan will be a "fitting answer to Bin Laden"... someone commented that building the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya should similarly be a fitting answer to Bajrang Dal and VHP.

kuttychathan said...

Hi friends,...Here is an Exclusive Story on Chindu, for the readers of Chindu Blog.

The Chindu's Sunday Magazine has become a bit colourless after the likes of Ramachandra Guha have stopped writing for Chindu. A few weeks ago, Nirmala, sister of formdiable Maa Loony, was brought in, to write an occasional column on books. Even though she had a promising start, she too dropped off, after a few columns. Now, with competition snipping at its feet, owners of the Chindu are a worried lot.

So, an extra ordinary emergency meeting was held at the headquarters of Chindu, in Chennai. Of course, LIC prsided over. Special invitees were the Chinese Ambassador to India, the General Secretary of CPM and the Amir of Jamaat-E-Islami.

To tide over the problem, the meeting decided to rope in new columnists. The Chinese Ambassador agreed to procure columns from Chinese block-heads, who dominate the pages of People's Daily (the one published from Beijing). The Karat comrade offered one column from his gorgeous Brinda, which was welcomed with thunderous applause. The Amir of Jamaat-E-Islami offered a column by none other than Mullah Omar, which of course was welcomed with blood-curdling calls of "Allah-ho-Akbar".

So, cheer up friends, the Sunday Magazine of Chindu will be bleeding colour, profusely, soon.

Xinhua Ram said...

India's PM says China's territorial ambition must be challenged
Beijing has funded a number of strategic roads and deepwater ports in these countries, known as the "String of Pearls"

So far this is yet to be reported by People's Daily of Chennai. For them, only Peace and Good Intentions radiate from that land to all corners of the world:
China willing to work with India for South Asia peace