Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Muslim fundamentalism in Kerala

Panikkar says Christians are reinforcing the religious fundamentalism of Muslims. But he doesn't miss the opportunity to take pot shots at Hindus.
The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : A victim of fundamentalism
Religious fundamentalists are on the rise among Muslims and Hindus.


Xinhua Ram said...

Unrelated topic: China can use the services of our LiC here.

China Hinders U.S. Recovery

“What is the administration afraid of, when every month we lose jobs and wealth that we will never recover?” Mr. Schumer said.

The top Republican on the banking committee, Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, was just as harsh. “There is no question that China manipulates its currency in order to subsidize Chinese exports,” he said. “The only question is: Why is the administration protecting China by refusing to designate it as a currency manipulator?”

A House bill with more than 140 sponsors would virtually compel the administration to find China to be a manipulator and impose duties or other trade barriers in retaliation.

Anonymous said...

From "The world is curved" by D. M. Smick, 2008) - btw the book is rather shallow but interesting in parts:

If you are not convinced of the seriousness of the risk within the Chinese financial system, a risk heightened by the recent rise in inflation, take a close look at the prospectus of any of the Chinese banks that have recently gone public. These are thick documents. Somewhere in the section marked "Risk" you will find page after page of descriptions such as: "Mr. Wang of our Hong Su branch was arrested for embezzling $2 million. Mr. Hu, the branch manager in our office in wherever, was arrested for stealing $10 million." The list goes on and on.

Of course, the chumps on aNNA sAlai will say this is evidence of transparency, but once again, from Smick's book,

[A] senior Chinese official ... was asked by [a group of international bankers] whether his country was getting serious about efforts to achieve "macro" transparency of the financial systems. [The official's] forthright response: "Our model ... is that the best fishing is done in murky waters."

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

i would be surprised if u.s. took any action against china simply because of china's ability to influence the value of dollar.

about 90% of china's millionaires are family members of cpc. so the cpc would do anything to keep the status quo. reform is not on the agenda, at least for the near future.

Swetha said...

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