Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jackass of the week - Suhasini Haidar

Read this article by Suhasini Haidar on the cHindu and you can reach your own conclusions on why she deserves this award.
Few snippets to help you..
At one level, the fears of China overrunning Pakistan to open a front with India may seem far-fetched, even hysterical. At another, it may be a much needed wake-up call for India to reassess its preparedness to counter an increasingly assertive Chinese military. At an entirely different level, New Delhi's alarm in the past few weeks could be most constructive if it ensures that India takes a closer look at its own role in the region, and why China is making headway with so many of our neighbours.

She goes on the usual stupid cHindu line that India is raising fear on mystical ghosts.
While many in India would see these projects essentially as aid to a needy neighbour, it is time to invert the prism and see them, just as we accuse China, as ways of increasing our footprint and extending our ambitions to a sphere of influence well beyond our land mass.


Sudhir said...

Frankly, in the morning, I saw "Suhasini Haidar" and didn't bother to read. Mere rhetoric is her usual style and is very boring in her narrative too. Read the extract here and took the pains to read the whole thing and now I am in need of some capsules to recover! I couldn't make the head and tail of her argument! No wonder only our fav newspaper seems to encourage this kind of stuff from the "deputy foreign editor" of IBN.


Dinesh PC said...

I today saw Manini on Times Now debating the Ayodhya verdict. I nominate her to be awarded the Jackass of the upcoming week.