Wednesday, September 08, 2010

China willing to work with India for South Asia peac

given the nature of conflict and the context within which the statement was made, manmohan's call to confront china's territorial ambitions should have made it to the front page verbatim. instead, n.ram uses his editorial judgement to send a message which is contradictory. this is worse than appeasement. it is a clear indication that chindu is being run from china.

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From: Xinhua Ram

India's PM says China's territorial ambition must be challenged
Beijing has funded a number of strategic roads and deepwater ports in these countries, known as the "String of Pearls"

So far this is yet to be reported by People's Daily of Chennai. For them, only Peace and Good Intentions radiate from that land to all corners of the world:
China willing to work with India for South Asia peace