Friday, September 03, 2010

Imaginary threads to weave emperor's clothes

In another case of truth by repeated assertion, we have Vidya Subramanyam telling us about the incident of a catholic nun raped in Kandhamal. The media ran the story of Jhabua nun rape case endlessly until the truth emerged that the perpetrators where christians. But that is no deterrent for Vidya, the bleeding heart intellectual. She repeats in gory detail the rape incident even though it is now public knowledge that the alleged rape was a fabrication. She is imagining all these common threads and creating a fabric to dress the emperor with no clothes.

Vidya Subramanyam now joins that non-state actor, Arundhati Susan Roy, in the liar club.
The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Three pogroms held together by a common thread
The Hindu of September 30, 2008 reported the case of a Catholic nun who was stripped naked and brutally gang-raped in front of a police post with 12 policemen from the Orissa State Armed Police present and watching. The Catholic priest who was with her was mercilessly thrashed for refusing to participate in the atrocity.

Here is the Sep 30, 2008 report filed by Parvathi Menon, which made it to the front page of chindu:
The Hindu : Front Page : Nun was gang raped and priest brutally assaulted in Kandhamal
The gang rape of the young nun, whose “virginity [was] grossly violated in public” ... took place in front of a police outpost with 12 policemen from the Orissa State Armed Police present and watching, according to Father Thomas Chellan, the priest who was dragged out and badly beaten.

“Around 1 p.m., a gang came and pulled me and the Sister out of the house where we had taken shelter and started assaulting us,” Father Chellan told The Hindu in a telephonic interview from Kerala where he is recuperating.

“My appeals to the policemen who were standing nearby and watching only resulted in further beating. At one point the nun slipped away to plead with the police for help but she was dragged back by the mob and her blouse torn,” he said. The nun was gang raped in a nearby building, and he was doused with kerosene by the mob, which threatened to set him on fire. They were saved by a group of youth who took them to the police outpost where “one among the attackers was present with the police between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.,” Father Chellan said.

News of the K. Nuagaon atrocity was conveyed through mobile phones to several priests and nuns hiding in the forests, fearing for their lives as the anti-Christian hunt was on. The victims were taken to the Baliguda police station around 9 p.m. where they lodged First Information Reports. “I believe the Sister wrote in her complaint that she was raped,” Father Chellan said.

Vidya Subramanyam is probably well aware of the direction in which the case is going but she avoids referring to a more recent update on the case. Below is 27 July 2010 news item from chindu hidden in the Other States - Orissa section:
The Hindu : Other States / Orissa News : Nun rape case: priest deposes before judge
Baliguda Catholic church Father Thomas Chelathin—a key witness to the Kandhamal nun rape case, admitted before a trial court here on Monday that he had not mentioned about the rape incident in his first FIR filed on August 26, 2008, just a day after the nun was allegedly raped during the communal riots in the district.
But to get a really good idea, read Sandhya Jain's article on Daily Pioneer, dated August 3, 2010. Link and Excerpts below:
The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> A conspiracy unravels
Fr Thomas Chellan’s admission in court on July 26 that he did not report the alleged rape of the nun when filing the first information report with the police on August 26, 2008. The Baliguda Catholic Church pastor, a key witness in the case, admitted during cross-examination before Cuttack district and sessions judge Bira Kishore Mishra that he had not mentioned the alleged rape in the FIR filed a day after the incident is said to have occurred. His complaint caused the arrest of 23 people.
He identified two accused in court as being part of the mob that attacked his church, but had failed to identify either man during the test identification parade held at Choudwar jail last year.
Interestingly, Dr Chotray Marandia, who first treated the nun after the alleged assault-cum-rape, testified on August 28 that she had only complained of swelling on her face. “I only treated the swelling on her face and she did not complain of anything else,” he replied when asked by defence lawyers about other injuries on her body. So we have no evidence of rape.

The then block development officer, Mr BB Mishra, testified that he had accompanied the nun and priest to the local police station to file their complaint about the mob attack. Both thus had full official protection while filing the complaint, and cannot claim that the police did not record the FIR properly, or that the rape charge was ignored by the police. These testimonies are damning.

That the rape is most likely a fabrication can be seen from the nervousness of the prosecution. Earlier, her lawyers had sought a month’s time for the nun to appear before the court. This is suspicious to say the least, but fits in with the church’s hiding the nun from the local people and producing a veiled woman with a thick Malayalam accent at a Press conference in Delhi. Interestingly, last Saturday the nun failed to identify the key accused at a test identification parade.

The Church-prosecution embarrassment has been aggravated by the June 12 arrest of Pandit Bishimajhi for allegedly plotting to kill the nun and priest to prevent them from testifying against the mob. It was alleged that Bishimajhi led several mob attacks, one of which stripped and paraded the nun and Fr Chellan, and is thus complicit in the fast-disintegrating rape case.


seadog4227 said...

Of particular worry to me is that these children of illustrious families succumb to the deadly left-wing ideology so easily. Highly qualified individuals, especially Indians from the US, have a completely twisted approach as is evident from the articles of Akhila Raman, Angana Chatterjee, Nandini Sundar and a long list of "intellectuals", including the 2 Varadarajans. WE ARE TOLERATING SUBVERSIVES WHO ARE NOT CITIZENS OF INDIA.
From the Youtube videos of Yuri Bezmenov, the process of infiltration of the Indian mind is laid out. He says, for example that, Sumitranandan Pant, our Jnanpeeth Award winner, visited the USSR as the guest of the state, after his ode to Stalin.This is the result of those seeds sown in the UK, USSR and India itself.
Bezmenov says that it will take massive effort to eradicate these ideas and replace them with the orginal nationalistic ideas.

Anonymous said...

First of all, what's the reason to publish this stuff now? Looks like the anti-Sikh "pogrom" has been thrown in just to give a semblance of balance to the long article by Vidya-ben. However, only a burnt-out "church" qualifies to be included as a representative illustration and not the lynching of Sikhs by the secular Congress wallahs.

And the systematic and brutal elimination of Kashmiri Pandits? Well, according to our desi left-hand drivers, Kashmir is not part of India!

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

seadog, it really is a pity how many of these so called educated people fall for the leftist ideology. i guess it also has to do with these leftist ngos like aid/asha targeting them early when they come to usa for higher studies.

kuttychathan said...

On another point...

In Kerala, Prof.Joseph of Newman's College, whose right hand had been chopped off by LIC's jehadi cronies, has now been dismissed from service. The Church, which owns the college,has also magnanimously offered to reconsider its decision to dismiss him, if the leaders of Muslim community pardon him. Mr.K.T.Jaleel, a CPM MLA, has promptly asked the Muslim leadership to pardon Prof.Joseph.

In India, as far as I know, there is something called "Constitution of India", which, to the best of my knowledge, is applicable to all Indian citizens. Again, to the best of my knowledge, there is no provision in the constitution,for religious leaders to give pardon to a citizen, who was punished after a due process of law. Mr.Jaleel, when became an MLA, had sworn to uphold the Constitution of India, and not Shariat.

Prof.Joseph's crime was to name an idiot in a story, 'Mohammed'. Ironically, even those who have half-heartedly condemned the chopping off of his hand, have criticised him, and called for action against
him, for hurting the sentiments of Muslims.

Contrast what Prof.Joseph did with what M.F. Hussain' did. What Hussain did was to paint Hindu goddesses in nude. When some Hindu lunatics attacked an exhibition of his paintings, there was a loud hue & cry about the threat to secularism in India. Those who brayed loud for Hussain are silent in the case of Joseph. What if Prof.Joseph, or someone else, painted a picture of a modestly dressed Mohammed? The guardians of our secularism would have brayed for his blood, for hurting the sentiments of Muslims. Probably, his head would have been chopped off.

So, tell me friends, what is 'freedom of expression' and what is 'hurting sentiment of believers'. Again, who decides what is what?

Water Engineer said...

Why did the nun not report rape. Why did the padri not mention rape?


There was no rape at all. Second, the said nun was no virgin. It is known that the nuns are routinely raped by the priests. This would have come out on medical examination.

Whenever it is alleged that a nun was raped, the victim never appears for medical examination. Anyone can check it.

But brutal murder of Sawmi Lakshamanand is REAL. V is never going to broach that, is she?

Anonymous said...

This is a free book written by Brannon Parker. Just go to the blue button and download. It is free. It takes time to download. It is 452 pages and about 34MB. It is very well written. The whole nun story is also there. It is strange that many of the truths and rigorous analysis comes from unknown quarters. Shame on our Indian intellect.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks for the link. downloaded the book. will post excerpts from it soon.