Sunday, September 26, 2010

A profound revolution

Alan Rusbridger, in this interview, says that chindu still stands for "something" -- this "something" used to be "left-leaning" in the past; now it is "People's Daily of China". N.Ram and his minions have done lasting damage to the brand that it wont be easy to shake this image off. The people of India never forgave Nehru for folly on China and I don't think they will be any more accommodating with chindu.
Chindu's analysis is biased, the brand is tarnished and N.Ram is taking the loyal readers for a ride. Alan is making the right noises but chindu does not look like it is keen to listen. The communists, who are so fond of people's revolution, won't be liking this one.
The Hindu : Opinion / Interviews : ‘We are going through a profound revolution'
We ought to use the information that is out there now, and very widely available, and become aggregators and analysers. We ought to build on the brands that we have, while we have them. Great titles like The Hindu and The Guardian still stand for something and are a kind of viewpoint or set of values. I think it is important that we use that brand, and that community of readers who understand and want to be a part of that community.
If we establish the right relationship with our readers, we can create something which enhances our journalism and enables us to go on doing things that we need to.

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