Sunday, September 19, 2010

cHindu advises against obeying the law of the land

There are times a newspaper should know its limits and really read what it publishes. cHindu and its fearless leader LiC have no qualms of reading or understanding what they publish. Case in point this article advising Sri Lankan President Rajapakse to show compassion to Gen. Fonseka. To give a background, Gen. Fonseka was the army leader who lead the dismantling of the LTTE in northern Sri Lanka. His falling out with Rajapakse was public and brutally exposed the inner machinations of Sri Lankan Government. Fonseka was tried and found guilty by the military courts of Sri Lanka.
The second court martial of Sarath Fonseka, Sri Lanka's former Army commander, has ended predictably with a verdict of guilty on the charge of violating procedures in military procurement. Last month, he was convicted of engaging in political activity while being in office. As punishment, the military court then handed down a dishonourable discharge, stripping him of his rank and all medals he had received in his 38-year career as a soldier. This time the court has recommended a three-year term in jail.

Now cHindu wants Rajapakse to forgive him and for what, show of magnanimity?
While there might be real doubts about Mr. Fonseka's integrity as a soldier, he remains a hero to large sections of Sri Lankans for his leading role in the nearly three-year-long military operation against the LTTE. Mr Rajapaksa stands to lose nothing by waiving the three-year jail sentence handed downto Mr. Fonseka. A pardon would only add to the president's political stature.

Really what next, Rajapakse should posthumous award a medal to Prabhakaran? This fight splits the Sri Lankan Government's rabid leaders of a state sponsored genocide apart and in the end is good for India.

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