Thursday, September 30, 2010

N.Ram disappointed with verdict

It is not surprising that N.Ram gave more space to Khan's verdict and barely mentioned Sharma. Justice Sharma said that the masjid was built after razing down a temple. Inconvenient truth for N.Ram and so he buried it. But he cant seem to bury his disappointment at the verdict.
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Intriguing compromise could work
At one level, from the standpoint of political morality, the verdict
could be viewed as partially rewarding those who placed the idol
overnight under the central dome of the mosque and those who in 1992
razed it to the ground.


Anonymous said...

chindu is pathetic and LiC looks like he is suffering from ulcers. All this hatred in him comes back to bite him.

Jai Shri Ram (give more ulcers and diseases to LiC)

Xinhua Ram said...

Justice S.U. Khan's words:
“Muslims must also ponder that at present the entire world wants to know the exact teaching of Islam in respect of relationship of Muslims with others.... In other countries, either the Muslims are in huge majority, which makes them indifferent to the problem in question, or in negligible minority, which makes them redundant. Indian Muslims have also inherited huge legacy of religious learning and knowledge. They are therefore in the best position to tell the world the correct position. Let them start with their role in the resolution of the conflict at hand.”

Disappointed LiC's words:
This search for a compromise informs the orders of Justice S.U. Khan and Justice Subir Agarwal even if they would seem to stretch the law and, at times, logic as well.

(Suck it up, LiC. Logic is not the same as Hindu bashing).

kuttychathan said...

Sidd Varad is spitting more venom in his 'news analysis'.

Anyway, what else are we to expect from a trash paper propped up by handsome jehadi hand outs?

kuttychathan said...

Please read the editorial of Hindustan Times

It is an appropriate reply to LIC

Anonymous said...

Wat about the analysis of Siddarth Var..he sees the ASI report tainted and unsubstantiated....he can only question Hindusim and does not have the guts to take on any other belief.This is the paper that apologised to a community in BElgaum in early 90's for a photo. The funniest part is he is questioning the judgement's adherence to constitution whereas LiC & his then cohorts didn't object to Emergency which in itself was an assault on Democracy.For these bunch of lunatics upholding Securalism = Hindu bashing. They are simply not able to accept the verdict coz this is not to their liking,,and all their tall claims stands thrashed.Their very societal value stands erased.

kuttychathan said...


You refer to 'an apology to a community in Belgium in early 90s for a photo'.

Haven't heard about. What was that?

Anonymous said...

The B****** LIC has the guts to start the page with

"The majority verdict of the Allahabad High Court on the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute is a compromise calculated to hold the religious peace rather than an exercise of profound legal reflection"

Is this not a contempt of court? National newspaper calling a verdict as "not a profound legal reflection". This son of whore walks free after such horrific comments against court of law.

If his heart is so much towards Jihadis, ask this B****** to rename his newspaper as "The Muslim". The already dwindling paper will die very soon.

For all this love towards Mullahs I pray god he is reborn as a muslim women in Afghanistan. His entries life will be on bed of rose with his hearties all around.

Anonymous said...

The commie didn't exercise profound editorial wisdom; he merely stated the CPIM position. Loser.