Thursday, September 30, 2010

cHindu forced to eat crow on Ayodhya issue

In what is a landmark decision the Allahabad high court ruled that the Babri masjid was built upon the ruins of a temple.
cHindu with its fearless leader(jackass) LiC and his sickular minions are forced to eat crow as the court basically dismissed all arguments that cHindu and its sickular media cohorts were claiming all along.
So in a show of useless defiance, LiC decided to wail on a technicality that the court decided to split the land among 3 parties.
ruled that that the disputed site is the birth place of Lord Ram and that the disputed building constructed by Mughal emperor Babar was built against the tenets of Islam and did not have the character of the mosque.

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kuttychathan said...


We can't expect Chindu to stop wailing on Ayodhya. Tomorrow (or day after) we can see an 'editorial' blaming the court for "ruling in favour of majoritatrian fundamentalists".For the next several days, reports, analyses, edit page and op-ed page articles etc, criticizing the verdict and pleading the Babari Masdij Action Committee's case, will surely appear in Chindu's pages.

Malini Parthasarathis, Neena Vyases, Vidya Subramaniams, Sidd Varadarajans, K N Panikkers and their ilk, must already have started drooling secular drivel, which will surely be splashing on us the hapless readers in the days to come.