Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blatant Israel baiting by cHindu

LIC and his minions in cHindu like Sidd Varadarajan have some common motifs when it comes to International affairs. Anything about Palestine should be supported and so should any action against Israel.
So when a bunch of Arab tinpot dictatorships decide to censure Israel for having nukes, a motion which was defeated, cHindu expresses its disappointment in the result.
The resolution expressed “concern about the Israeli nuclear capabilities,” while urging the Jewish state to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and to open its nuclear facilities to IAEA inspection.

How about questioning the human rights practices in those Arab nations? Or the dismal conditions for immigrants, women and minorities there. That's an article which will rarely be written in the cHindu.


CodeNameV said...

Israel is the only country which India can trust and seek help. It did once. In 1962, when "Chini bhais" attacked us, thanks to Mr.Jawahorror.

CodeNameV said...

Ohh my prev comment is in ref to Mr.Karat's superb statements on why India should stop doing business with Israel, not just in ref to Mr.Ziddi.V's insightful observations!