Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who is worse Kashmiri terrorists or politicians?

The case of the Jammu & Kashmiri people is in many ways a story of agony. This is a state which best funded by the Central Government, has an incredible natural beauty with tremendous resources. But on the flip side the twin terrors of terrorism and useless local leaders.
This interview with Mehbooba Mufti of Kashmir by Chindu's village idiot Praveen Swami exposes Chindu's inability to pin an anti-National politician down and exposes Mehbooba's inability to talk about real issues.
But now, even officials say there are only 500 militants. There are hardly any encounters. It is time to give the Army an honourable exit from Kashmir.

Probably with Pak's fight against the Taliban, their hired hands mightv'e gone West, but this statement is ridiculous to say the least. Not a word about how she would influence development of the state or combat terrorism.


I, Me, Myself ! said...

Well said. I got a very sick feeling after reading the interview, for all it smacked was of opportunism and not genuine concern.

She was the one who made incendiary remarks about the victims having sindoor smeared all over their face, and now when questioned about it Mehbooba very conveniently says, "leave the sindoor issue aside"!

No body is asking anyone to hush up rape and murder, so why is she getting all hyper and excited?!

Even she knows the army cannot be fully withdrawn from Kashmir. Just making noises for the sake of being heard is what she is known for and this interview just proves that fact!


Anonymous said...

Adv. Jayashankar, a media watcher, made the following observation regarding Chindu:

It seems Chindu does not write editorial for sports other than Cricket and Tennis.

Recently Saina Nehwal scripted history on June 21 2009, becoming the first Indian to win a Super Series tournament after clinching the Indonesia Open with a stunning victory over higher-ranked Chinese Lin Wang in Jakarta.

Most of the newspapers (eg Indian express) wrote editorials congratulating Saina -- but Chindu remained silent.

Why ?

Anonymous said...

Who is worse Kashmiri terrorists or politicians?

The question should be slightly expanded to ask who is the worst-K terrorists, politicians or the journalists who pamper the former two. Interviewing well-fed, anti-national parasites and giving prime slot in print and TV media, makes the journalists the worst culprits.

kuttychathan said...

Thanks DD for commending on the issue... Have you noted?... Chindu has recently started promoting Mehbooba... I don't know the reason... Praveen chamy is working hard to get one of our honours. Swine or Jackass..? Please decide...

New readers editor, vis-chprasi might have taken charge today... soon we can expect his harangue on secularism...

Thanks to the Anonymous friend who has mentioned Adv.Jayasankar, the media watcher. Jayasankar always mention the chindu as "English Desabhimani". Desabhimani is the malayalam news paper owned by CPM.

Deshabhakta said...

i thought Praveen Svami was an exception on chindu. Many a times i have felt nationalistic fervor in his writings. i have read him criticizing islamists. Is he too in the chindu bandwagon?

Xinhua Ram said...

Lets see how LiC reports this:

Left Front routed in municipal polls in Bengal

The CPI(M)-led Left Front managed to win in only 3 of the 16 municipalities and that too in a tough contest.


Anon #1 said...

Xin Ram
Simple.. LiC is blind to such reports and chindu readers never learn about it :-)

Anon #1 said...

Well, I was wrong. There is a news item about WB civic polls.