Monday, June 29, 2009

Fwd: Allocation for space research ridiculous : U R Rao

the bunch of jokers at upa are up to their antics and the media is not even squeaking. the systematic attempt at destroying indigenous endeavors of intellectual excellence is not covert anymore. and mind you, this is just the beginning of the term. not until the end of last term did upa let off Q. with upa getting so brazen even before celebrating 100 days in office, we can brace ourselves for one long painful ride. all those vested with powers to act as checks and balances to government overreach must have long been take care of by congress. for example, harish khare getting a post in govt. in fact, the ELM was all greased up long before it was asked to bend over.

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Rs 26 Crores for Cambridge University, Rs 23 Crores for Indian Space Research!
Professor U R Rao, the former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the incumbent chairman of the Governing Council of Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, has called the Rs 23 crore fund allocation for space research in India, as "ridiculous".
He said given the amount of possibilities and the pace at which space research has evolved in the country, "we must provide enough support and allow scientists to work at their pace."

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kuttychathan said...

On another topic...yesterday's
(23.06.09) chindu contains a report denying any local help to the terrorists who hit Mumbai, last November. It is by chindu's in-house terrorism specialist Praveen Chamy. Chamy, as could be expected, deny any local help and blame all such 'rumours' on Hindu organisations.

Today's paper carries an 'exclusive' interview with Ram's new crush, that ass Mehbooa Mufti. I don't understand how they can call it exclusive. Mehbooba is never away from media-limelight. Indian politicians are ever desperately willing to talk to media. Even if the RSS's mouth-piece 'Panchajanya' had approached Mehbooba for an interview, she would have readily gave them one and brayed the same nonsense.

Had chindu managed to get an inteview with Barak Obama, they could really called it 'exclusive'.

But what else can we expect from Ram and his f**kmates?