Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to the jungle - Islamic Republic of Iran

Azadeh Moaveni is an acclaimed writer of "Lipstick Jihad" and contributes to various magazines including Time about her experiences as an Iranian woman. To read her opinions on the Chindu about the Iranian crisis was a pleasant surprise.
The entire piece is a pretty good summary of how life is like in Iran under the current regime. Keep in mind here, Iran is far more modern its society than other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. But some of the actions by the government in the guise of imposing religious righteousness among its people are truly scary.
Late that summer, authorities launched a full-scale campaign of intimidation against young people they accused of un-Islamic appearance. Within a few short weeks, police detained 150,000 people, and all the women in my life went out to buy the shapeless, long coats that we had worn back in the late 1990s. Though the campaign targeted young men as well, authorities singled out women with particular brutality. The government’s disdain for women increased by the day. Though Iranians fretted about the impact of western sanctions, the government turned its attention to a bill that would facilitate polygamy.

Please note here that this is exactly what the Ayatollah's revolution which was supported by The Chindu promised. This is a great example of what the imposition of Islamic law as deemed by a bunch of old geezers is about. Any media outlet which remotely thinks of supporting the Govt. and its morality police should be ashamed of itself.
The silver lining in this whole incident is that the most oppressed of Islamic society in Iran, the women are finally fighting back. More power to them.
Iranian women emerge from university armed with career expectations and modern attitudes toward their role in family and society. They have patiently petitioned the state to grant them more equitable rights before the law. But at each opportunity, they have been treated with contempt. Their vibrant presence in these protests is signalling to the government that they will not tolerate its discrimination and disdain any longer.


Anon #1 said...

It is very sad to see the once mighty Persian kingdom destroyed under the ridiculous principles of islam.....
But I can't help wonder why chindu is so obsessed about Iran and gives front page coverage to khomeini's(sp?) so called "revolution" !!!

Dirt Digger said...

I agree. Chindu believes that revolution against monarchy by the people is a core communist concept, irrespective of whether the people who perform the revolution are capable of giving a proper government.